Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer "Wreath" Tutorial

I love having seasonal decorations around the house. While Christmas & Halloween are big in our home, I also like to change things up in between Spring & Summer. As much as I love my Spring Wreath I wanted to do something a little different for Summer. After playing around on Pinterest for awhile I decided to walk around my favorite craft store, Jo-Ann's to get more inspiration.

I found this awesome frame-thingy. It reminded me of screen door.

I decided on lilac chalky paint for the color. First step was to tape off around the chalk board. I painted two coats on each side. I have to say it would have been easier to paint if I could have popped the chicken wire out. Instead I used a small detail brush and took my time.

I knew I wanted seed packets to attach to the screen. I couldn't find the look I was hoping for at my local home improvement center. A quick google search under "antique seed packets" got me there. I printed them on regular computer paper from my inkjet printer, nothing fancy here. The size for each is roughly size 4" by 6". Using some thin, scrap, cardboard I inked the edges to give them a finished look. Using Mod Podge I attached the "seed packets" to the card stock. After letting them dry for an hour or so, I sealed them with more Mod Podge on top.

 The cloths pin was "stained" with some Rit Dye I happen to have.

I knew I wanted flowers but had a hard time finding a flat pot or container. After searching my craft room for something else I could use, I stumbled upon my stash of plastic containers. I save these cause you just never know when you might need to store paint, sand, mod podge, glitter or whatever.

Once the container was cut in half length ways, I used craft glue to attach a sturdy piece of scrap cardboard to the back.

Using hot glue I carefully covered the container in jute twine. I just used a little glue to hold the twine in place. Of course it was once this was done was when I am I going to attach this to the screen. I carefully made 4 holes through the back of the container and fished craft wire through the container and in between the twine. I cut a small piece of floral foam and added some silk roses I had from another project.

Once I tried to attached the container to the screen I realized the wire wasn't going to be sturdy enough. As you can see I wrapped a small piece of jute twine around the container and tied it tightly in the back.

I had purchased children's garden gloves and garden tools to attach to the screen too. However, they were too heavy and I couldn't get them attached to the screen the way I liked.

I really like the chalk board at the top. It will be perfect to leave messages for our guests when we are in the back yard.

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