Friday, March 28, 2014

Upcycle a T-shirt into an Apron

Recently I went through Hubby's work t-shirts to see which shirts were "dead", done, had bit the dust. Two were particularly grubby. I tossed them into the rag pile. About a week or so later I came across No-Sew T-Shirt Apron on Pinterest. So I thought I'd give it a try.

Here is the before. The shirt is a little big but that's okay.

 Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Back side up.

 Cut off the sleeves.

 Cut the collar off the back of the shirt.

Go down to where the bottom of the sleeves are and draw a line. 

Go down about 4" from that line and drawn another line.

Cut up both sides to the bottom line you just drew.

Cut the top of the back off to the first line you drew.

So now you have a strip across the back.

Draw a line across the strip at the 2" mark.

Okay this is the extra tricky part.
Starting on the left of the shirt cut up to the mark you just made at the 2" mark.
Cut across to the right side but DO NOT cut the end off.
Now you will have one part of the tie and the other side is still attached.

Now on the right side cut the top of the end off.
Now you have two ties.

When I flipped the shirt over I noticed the front was a little wonky.

I trimmed the one side being careful not to cut into the pocket.
I really wanted to keep it for my cell phone, a pencil or a cookie.

I folded it over and trimmed the other side to match.

Much better.


Quick and easy apron.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Wreath Tutorial

I am not a big fan of making wreaths. I obsess about every little detail and end up driving myself crazy. However, I saw several "rag wreaths" on Pinterest and thought they looked easy and not too detail oriented. Once I decided to make a "rag wreath", I could not find a good tutorial. So I decided to dive in and take as many pictures as possible to pass along.

I do like wreaths to be large for the front door. Smaller wreaths seem to get swallowed up. We recently repainted our front door and decided to stay with a white door. This way I wouldn't have to worry about seasonal wreaths clashing with the color.

I started with a 16" 8 section wire wreath. Since I had no idea of how much fabric to purchase I decided on 4 yards. I figured if I had fabric leftover I could make a pillow or something. I spent quite some time at Jo-Ann's deciding on the fabric. I wanted something spring-like and that wouldn't be a huge contrast to the interior of our home.

Usually the first step in any project with fabric is to wash it first to remove the sizing. Since this fabric will not be washed or wore, you can skip this step. I ironed the fabric before cutting into strips so any wrinkles would not get in the way of my "precise" measurements. Looking back I could probably have skipped this step.

Using scrap pieces of fabric I tried several different lengths and widths until I decided on 1" wide and 8" long. You could go wider than 1" and you won't need as many strips. Any shorter than 7" to 8" and the fabric will be hard to tie. Go ahead and notch the fabric and tear. The edges will fray a little but that's what you want.

The total width of your fabric will determine how many strips you can get out of it. I made the strips a yard or so at a time. I didn't want to end up with more strips than I needed.

Okay time to get tying. Just start one section at a time making sure to alternate between the two fabrics. I double knotted each strip. This took me two afternoons. Not too bad considering how much tying I had to do.

Back view of first section

Front view of first section

For my 8 section wire wreath I used
-26 strips for the outer section
-24 strips for the 2nd section
-20 strips for the 3rd section
-18 strips for the inner section

Before fluffing

Agatha - Wreath Inspector

Make sure you fluff up your wreath

Turns out 4 yards was just enough. I have a small scrap of the floral fabric leftover. I am planning to make a sachet out of it filled with lavender from our garden.